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Bluebird Floral Pink Fanfare


Our appropriately named Fanfare bouquet is the perfect gift to herald in royalty, celebrate Mother’s Day or another 29th birthday and passing the impossible Minnesota drivers test. Whatever the occasion, Fanfare is here to celebrate those special moments.

Fanfare is a primarily forward facing design. She’s not meant for a round table in the center of your ballroom. Her backside isn’t quite as showy as her face. Just keep this in mind when ordering:)

Fanfare is available in a Bold of Sweet color palette

P.S. Our photo is a sample of the delivered product. We can’t guarantee specific flowers but as always we guarantee she’ll be a beaut! And even better, you can reuse this stunning dried palm frond to fan away the flies all summer long!

P.P.S. Please please make sure your loved one will be home to receive some Fanfare. We always text or call them prior to delivery and really hate bothering them if they’re on vacay

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